After Bolaño with Mónica Maristain


  1. Jim Murdoch
    Jim Murdoch December 28, 2014 at 6:05 pm .

    As you know I read a lot this year and mostly authors I’d never got round to before. One of these was Bolaño. Because I was, by this stage anyway, trying to cram in as many books as possible—my original target has been a modest one hundred titles—I was sticking to novellas and short novels which is why I chose to read A Little Lumpen Novelita. I was aware it was a minor work but I still think it was a good place to start and I did enjoy not only reading it but researching Bolaño afterwards. I see he tends to write fairly short books so I’ll definitely read him again but the choice of which book will be fairly arbitrary; whatever I can lay my hands on at the time. Like you I don’t waste money on new books if I can avoid it. I think the price they charge is extortionate and I regret not buying more books when I was young and they were more reasonably priced. Books I was paying 35p or 45p in the 1970s cost in the region of £7.99 of £8.99 now. That’s an annual increase of just over 9%.

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