Eyes of the Cuervo / Ojos del Crow


  1. Patricia Dubrava
    Patricia Dubrava June 2, 2018 at 3:22 pm .

    What a lovely, often meditative collection. Hutchison’s poems deft and pictoral. Being who I am, I’m particularly drawn to “Mesero,” and approve the decision to reverse English/Spanish as needed. That’s what I’ve always imagined will have to happen with my bilingual poems, should they be translated. The Spanish in them will have to become English.

    But “Mesero,” yes, that nod to the void between such a place of origin and us, to the incomprehensibility of the foreign, like “Pitufo,” the burro braying for existential angst, or who knows what. I also love “Hyakutake,” the comet poem, for its tenderness, for the way it ends, with sueño whispering into consciousness from the jungle, which should know.

    In Spanish, I might have said, susurra la selva/y debería saber. Leave the pronoun out, as Spanish can and so often does, but I’m no English to Spanish translation expert. All I can say about the Spanish is it seems correct and sounds good. A native speaker who translates from English might quibble with this or that choice—as the next translator to come along usually does—but it all sounds good to me.

    An exquisite snapshot of a place the poet loves and returns to often, of its vivid seaside flora and fauna, of the harmonious, touching relationship this poet has with his wife, of the writer’s inevitable fascination with language and with discovering how learning another enriches your own.

  2. […] late April I launched my new collection, Eyes of the Cuervo | Ojos del Crow, at the boutique seaside hotel Melody and I have enjoyed every year for more than two decades. […]

  3. Karen Douglass
    Karen Douglass May 7, 2018 at 9:43 am .

    Congratulations, I will definitely want to read this, to own it perhaps. And as I said in my recent email, we have much in common. My next collection will be The Gift Bird.

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