My Year in Books (2016)


  1. Joseph Nigg
    Joseph Nigg January 1, 2017 at 1:43 pm .

    What a welcome surprise to be included with such select company in your year’s vast reading. I was especially gratified to be compared to Joseph Campbell. I and another “Bloomsbury Review” writer had the good fortune to interview him at the Brown Palace in 1984. He’d just turned 80 and was working like hell to finish a volume of his monumental “Historical Atlas of World Mythology.” He’s been my mythologist hero ever since I read “Hero of a Thousand Faces” in the ‘60s. For you to mention “The Phoenix” along with that classic book made my year. But I do take issue with one of your comments. Your contributions to my cultural history were far from “minor.” The modern poetry chapter is based on international poems that you began sending me in 2000, and your patient electronic revisions of the Timeline, formatting of graphics, and overall computer expertise made publication possible. And that’s hardly all. One of my favorite highlights of the book is your own original “Revenant.” My book would not exist in its present form without your long-time friendship and professional support. Very best wishes for the continued literary flight of “The World As Is.”

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