Poetry Discussions

Poetry Discussions

  • Under the Sleep’s New Moon

    Under the Sleep’s New Moon

      Under Sleep’s New Moon is Joseph Hutchison’s 20th collection of poems. Title: Under Sleep’s New Moon: Rescued Poems 1970–1990 ISBN (Paperback): 978-1630450748 Publication Date: September 1, 2021 Length: 108 pages “Not just rescued poems from Under Sleep’s New Moon, but a sustained radiance and thrall that continues to rescue language and the natural world from the maw of capitalism. [Hutchison’s] voice ‘tries on color after color,’ pushing toward an aura we all need in today’s heartless weather.Read More

  • A Goodbye Poem for a Friend

    A Goodbye Poem for a Friend

    The Raven Maven A knockoff for Ali Once upon a midnight dreary, while I graded, weak and weary, Picking sentences apart so much my head had grown fell sore— While I nodded, not quite snoring, suddenly there came a roaring, Like some raging bull was goring, goring my poor chamber door.Read More